Online Bookmaker - Checklist

Before you start opening an account with a bookmaker to punt on soccer tips, what are the important points you need to check against with. Check the following points below.

Reliability / Credibility
Is the bookmaker a well known name with a proven track record? Will you be able to draw out your winnings? Visit forums and check for any comments on the bookmaker. If the bookie is unreliable, or very late with his payouts, etc, then look elsewhere. Also check the response time of the bookmaker. If you drop them a mail, will they get back to you on the same day?

Read the rules stated in the bookmaker site. If you have any doubts, drop them an email and clarify with them. It a must to know the restrictions placed by the bookmaker. Some bookmakers offer excellent odds but do not accept singles. Rules must be thoroughly read before opening an account.

Private bookmakers pay taxes to the country where they operate in. In some countries, the bookmaker will pay the punter’s tax also. Ensure that your online bookmakers do not charge taxes on your winnings.

Is the odd offer by the bookmaker favourable when compared with the rest? Check its odds against a range of bookmakers. Does the odd on the bookmaker fluctuate a lot? Does the bookmaker show his odds for events early in the week? Even though the bookmakers do change their odds, usually on popular matches, you should get the odd which was offered at the time you placed your bet. If not, find another bookmaker.

Maximum Winnings
Does your bookmaker has a low maximum winnings limit. For the average punter, this is not an issue. However, is a concern to those punters who bet heavily.

Minimum Deposits
Does your bookmaker set a minimum amount for your deposit? Some bookmakers demand a fortune in deposits. It is worth taking a look before opening an account with them.

Method of Payment
The bookmaker should have several methods of payout. Make sure you are comfortable with their idea of payment. Check out the transaction costs involved when initiate a payout their bank transfer, moneybookers, etc. Using credit card is one of the more convenient ways of transacting with the bookmakers. Some bookmakers don’t allowed payment back to their credit card while others allow only the amount you deposit to them from the credit card.

Events Offered
Ensure that the bookmaker offers a wide range of leagues for you to bet on. Some bookmaker offer odds only for the top leagues. Do not accept bookmaker who do not offer you the chance to bet on lower divisions, or who often exclude big favourites from their event list.

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